PRIVACY POLICY of the online store


1.  General Information

The present Privacy Policy determines the rules of processing and protection the personal data provided by the Users as a result of using the online Store.

2. The Administrator of personal data included in the Store is:

OCH Magdalena Ochabska-Lechwar, ul. Okulickiego 6/6, 41-902 Bytom, Taxpayer Identification Number: 6262855094

3. The Store collects personal data provided by the User whilst registration, purchasing in our Store, and when subscribing to the newsletter.

4. The Customers’ personal data collected by the administrator by means of the online Store is collected in order to implement the Contract of Sale, maintenance the account, consider the returns, exchanges and complaints, payments processing, shipping implementation, internal statistical purposes of the administrator and – in the event of the Customer’s consent – also for marketing purposes.

5. The Store carries out the function of obtaining information about the Users and their behaviour also by means of collecting Cookie files.

The so called Cookie files constitute small IT data, particularly text files, stored in the terminal device of the website.
As standard, most of the web browsers are set to accept the Cookie files by default. However, each User has the opportunity to determine the conditions of using the Cookie files by way of the browser settings.
The User may, partially or completely, turn off the option of saving the Cookie files. Such action may take an impact on the proper functioning of some features of the online Store.

6. The data provision is voluntary, however, not providing the personal data, indicated in the Regulations, required to Contract Conclusion, results in impossibility of concluding the Contract.

7. 7. The Customer has the right of access to the data and making adjustments.
The Customer may request for personal data deletion at any time, without specifying the reason. The request for personal data deletion shall not interfere with previous activities. The personal data deletion is equivalent to deletion the User’s Account and therefore, the personal data shall no longer be processed.

8. The recipients of the Customer’s personal data may be:

a. In the event of a Customer, who chooses the mail parcel or the courier shipment as the delivery method, the Administrator renders the collected data accessible to the relevant carrier or a shipping agent pursuing the delivery on the Administrator’s commission.

b. In the event of a Customer, who chooses the electronic transfer or the payment card as the payment method, the Administrator renders the collected data accessible to the relevant payment provider.

c. In the event of a Customer, who agreed to receive the newsletter – the selected entity for e-marketing.

9. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy with relation to the development of internet technology, law changes in the field of personal data protection, and to the development of our online Store. We shall inform of any amendments in a visible and understandable way.

10. Links to other websites may appear on our web service. Such websites operate independently, and are supervised in no way by The abovementioned websites may have different regulations as well as the privacy policy, therefore it is recommended to read their content.

11.When in doubt, concerning whichever of the privacy policy provisions, we are at your disposal – the contact details may be found in the CONTACT tab.